Lead Subscriptions  Multiple verticals available.  Receive daily zipped csv files.  See available lead verticals below, contact us with questions or to subscribe:

  • All Leads

  • Australian Leads

  • Auto Insurance & Warranty Leads

  • B2B Data - 3 Feeds

  • Bike Owners

  • Boat Owners

  • Bankruptcy Leads

  • Business Opportunity Seeker Leads - 3-4 Feeds

  • Canadian B2B

  • Coregistration Leads - 2 Feeds

  • Coupon/Sweepstakes Leads

  • Credit Leads

  • Debt Leads

  • Domain Name Owner Leads

  • EDU Leads

  • Fitness Leads

  • Freebie Leads

  • Good Phones/Connects

  • Grant Leads

  • Health Insurance Leads

  • Hotel Leads

  • Home Owner Leads

  • Home Security Leads

  • Job Seeker Leads 

  • Life Insurance Leads

  • Mortgage Leads

  • New Mover/Connects Leads

  • Openers

  • Payday Leads

  • Pet Leads

  • Phone Validated Leads

  • Senior Leads

  • Social Media Verified Leads 

  • Solar Leads 

  • Stock Leads

  • Tax Relief

  • Timeshare/Travel Leads

  • Travel Leads

  • Tricare Leads

  • UK Leads Mix

  • UK Life Insurance Leads

  • Other Feeds Being Added Depending On Whats Being Generated



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Ask about other verticals if you don't see what you need above. The above feeds are for end users, if you have clients, ask us about our licensing program.  Also ask about our email & phone validation software, our appending services, our SEO, etc.


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"You guys have more leads than we can handle lol, a good problem to have! Great for building our database" E.

"We love you guys. Without your help we'd never have gotten where we are today." J.

"Your lead feeds have so much information, we use them solely for list building & appending" M.

"Since character is displayed under pressure, let me just compliment you on the way you handle business. You are one of the good guys" Jeff


*Please note that you are responsible for DNC filtering, data cleaning, being can-spam compliant and following all laws for each channel you market to. We are not responsible for any filtering or any liabilities that would result from your marketing. We only provide data & discounts. You agree upon subscription or purchase not to hold us liable for any issues that may arise from your marketing to or using the data. Volumes can go up and down with the feeds dependant on the volume our networks can product, you are paying for access to all of the leads we get in or all of the leads in the particular feed you subscribe to.*