Privacy Policy:

Deal Direct LLC takes your privacy very seriously and will not share any information about you with another party without your previous consent. This is a strict policy. This includes automatically gathered data such as e-mail addresses, browser cookies, & IP addresses. It also includes any information submitted via an electronic form such as name, address, and phone number.


If you believe that your information has been compromised in any way by your use of this web site, please contact Deal Direct LLC immediately. We will resolve the problem immediately.


Since we are a large media buyer, if you feel your information was compromised by one of our sources, please let us know immediately so that we can deal with that source severely. This policy may be updated.






*Please note that you are responsible for DNC filtering, data cleaning, being can-spam compliant and following all laws for each channel you market to. We are not responsible for any filtering or any liabilities that would result from your marketing. We only provide data & discounts. You agree upon subscription or purchase not to hold us liable for any issues that may arise from your marketing to or using the data. Volumes can go up and down with the feeds dependant on the volume our networks can product, you are paying for access to all of the leads we get in or all of the leads in the particular feed you subscribe to.*